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I wanted to put together a course of yoga lessons focusing on what I would call normal movements for normal people. I want to try and explore what normal movement is for us, rather than try and rush into headstands etc.

In my clinics I often find myself thinking “if only he/she did yoga the problem would solve itself”. The challenge is to get that message across and make people appreciate that yoga is for all and that anybody can do it - if taught correctly and safely.

I want to offer you a way to develop your own practice with a foundation in good alignment, and sensible postures. I also want to introduce you to some basic breathing practice which is a fundamental part of yoga as far as I am concerned.

This course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson is typically about 75min long. I find that it is hard to get the full benefit from a class in less than this time. It is really worth doing each lesson a few times before moving onto the next one. Feel confident with a lesson before progressing onwards.

We are going to develop some basic vinyasa flows ending up with being able to do the sun and moon salutations. This will give you a foundation from which you can then develop your own practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner I think you will find things here to help you.

Before each lesson I introduce specific movements that we are working on, and discuss alignment and the purpose of the movement using my body and props to illustrate it. We then start with some settling breathing and gradually work our way up from lying to kneeling ending up standing. Towards the end of most of the lessons, we then spend a few minutes doing some pranayama breathing and finish with guided relaxation on the floor.

I really hope you enjoy these lessons – a lot of work has gone into making them and I feel really proud of the results.

Who is the target audience?

  • From absolute beginners to more advanced yoga practitioners
  • Thomas will take you from the very basics of yoga and movement safely to an advanced Sun and Moon salutation
  • This course is for anyone who wants to improve their feeling of wellbeing mentally and physically
  • Take some time to breathe, connect and feel fantastic.

you get 10 lessons lasting 75mim each. There is alot of content here and I am sure you will learn alot.

normal price £49.99

but currently on offer for £19.99

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 ONLINE Yoga with Thomas

now also available 

Bite size yoga.

20 quick workouts lasting between 10-15 min each

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